“A union of ourselves and the dear neighbour with God.
May they all be one, as you are in Me and I am in you, may they be
completely one.” (John 17: 21)

The “Total Double Union” captures the essence of Fr. Medaille’s vision.

His maturing insight was that every person’s life must be a rhythm of loving contemplation and courageous action in the world.  They must grow together in mutual support and in ever-deepening synthesis.  It is always LOVE that unites and sanctifies one’s whole life.

Be loving LOVE and let LOVE  love through you.

Religious charism is a unique and unifying experience of God’s love which gives a unique identity in the Church.  The charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph is rooted in the Trinitarian Love as lived by Fr. Medaille.  The core experience of the Srs. of St. Joseph is found in Jhon.17: 21 called as “Double Union” May they all be one, Father, may they be one in us, as you are in me and I am in you.  So that the world may believe, it was you who sent me”.

Ours is a God who so loves the world; a God who is so desirous of sharing intimate communion with us.  Jesus came as Emmanuel to remind us that we were made for a greater destiny … created for glory!

Ponder here the mystical nature of our relationships in this total double union.

We don’t accomplish the union…
it is of divine origin…
a mystery…
a beholding that leaves us, weak instruments, in awe of God, that Higher Power, who works through us in our human, physical relationships, in the here and now.

God’s love keeps taking on flesh and language and gestures that incarnate Love today… yes, through us Little Designers who live and work in a Big World. All are called into this communion… with ALL.

“Communion is a principle of life. It is the principle of the Universe. It refers to the fact of interconnectedness and interrelatedness among all that exist - cherishing Unity in diversity."