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            The day began with the meaningful Eucharistic celebration with the theme of fraternal community.Rev. Fr.Victor CMF was the Main celebrant and in his homily he stressed on being connected with the other at heart level, gentle touch and spiritual connection which is an essence of happy community living.

             Rev Sr.Cecily Saveriyar the provincial welcomed the gathering. It was a wonderful moment to be together as a province. We felt connected to one another. Every community along with the Associates staged a three minutes presentation on the realities of community living based on the theme. The presence of the candidates gave hope to each one of us. Like early Christians we had the joy of sharing with other communities. Afternoon the Provincial and the council members updated us with certain information which are yet to be lived.

            The simulative celebration of getting together ended with live music of divine prayer .Echoes about the day was heard from different angles of the bi-circle. Sisters and Associates were energized, cherished, felt joy, happy and fascinated about the day. Beautiful candle of sun paper cutting with message on fraternal community were given to each member as favour and the candles were exchanged and passed on to member after member. The final message was carried by the individual. The candles were written by each sister expressing her desire to live the Charism of communion in a fraternal community. It was more of “I” statement. And the final blessing, greetings of encouragement, support and wishes were bestowed by the provincial. And the day blissfully came to an end.

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