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                        Christmas is an occasion for rejoicing, a season of good will,a time of joy even for those who unfortunately do not know or realize its true meaning. For us Christian, it is the second of our greatest annual feasts(next after Easter)in which we call to mind God's infinite love for us and his infinite mercy towards us mortals.

              we surely have reason to rejoice and be glad. Christ, the true son of  God, the second person of the Blessed Trinity,took to himself our lowly human nature and became one with us in order to raise us up to the diginity of adopted children of his heavenly Father.

            While we thank God tonight with true sincerity and heartfelt gratitude,for all he has done for us, and while we promise faithfully to try to make ourselves less unworthy of the infinite love He has shown us in the incarnation, let us remember our brothers and sisters who do not really know Him yet.Let us implore God to send them the good news and the grace to accept this great gift of the infinite love , so that all his children on earth may know and thank Him too. Let us strive by the example of a truly Christian life to make God's love for us known not only to our fellow-Christian but also to all people on the earth. Let us celebrate the Christmas sharing the message of Hope,Peace,Joy and Love.

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019

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