That all may be one as You, Father, are in me and I in You; I pray that they
may be one in Us.
(John 17: 21)

Our mission flows from the purpose for which the congregation exists: We live and work that all people may be united with God and with one another. It is rooted in the mission of Christ, the same mission which continually unfolds in His church, “That all may be one as You, Father, are in me and I in You; I pray that they may be one in Us.” (John 17: 21)

Responding to the  needs church and world, we serve in education, healthcare, pastoral and parish ministry, social work, spiritual care and faith development, and in other ministries that respond to spiritual, social and physical needs.

Our congregation is rooted in our commitment to our mission and charism. We commit ourselves to build and deepen our relationships as sisters and associates, and to be faithful to our spiritual practice of sharing the “State of the Heart” and “Order of the House,”. Recognizing that we are called to incarnate our mission and charism in our world in fidelity to God’s call in the Gospel, we commit ourselves to these Generous Promises:

  • Live Christian hope as a challenge for the congregation and the world, and deepen the gift of hope in order to witness it more audaciously in our daily lives (1 Peter 3: 15)
  • Live as one International body in the culture of St. Joseph through a critical analysis of reality and cultivation of a discerning way of life based on Ignatian Spirituality.
  • Develop leadership at all levels, within the congregation and with those with whom we minister and are in relationship.
  • Live right relationship among ourselves, with the ‘Dear neighbour’ and all creation and continue our commitment to justice and peace in partnership with all who share the vision.
  • Let go of all that impedes us from fully living and being the mission today in new and more prophetic ways, with a preference for the excluded and manipulated.