Stay the course. Remain faithful to Eucharist. As time goes on, you will see
the sacred fire of Love glowing in your own hearts.

Father Medaille’s growing experience and insight was that one could be a contemplative-in-action “outside the cloister” (Rules for the Daughters of St. Joseph, p. 17).

He believed that this interior “Divine Force” had the power to effect miracles in them and by that “divine force” transform whole environments and neighbourhoods.

Contemplation and action must flow together just as the spring and the stream are one.  “There is no need to push the river, its flows by itself.” (Perls). So also contemplation flows by its inner dynamism into courageous and zealous action.
Trinitarian spirituality is “a way of perceiving and being by which we are conformed to the person of Christ, brought into communion with God, other persons and every living creature, by the creative and bonding presence of the Holy Spirit.”  (Michael Downey, Altogether Gift, p. 132).  It seems that the profound implications for us is. in how we live with one another in community, in love with God and in love with the world and. our commitment to the service of “The Dear Neighbour” in our day-to-day ordinary lives.

God's infinite love is permeated in the whole of creation. As sisters of St. Joseph, though weak we are, God finds us as an apt instrument to realise His dream of uniting people through our life and service.

Our vocation as Sisters of St. Joseph, then, we are drawn irresistibly into a life of mysticism of relationships in service.

Our behaviour, our way of being with one another, with our brothers and sisters, who are for us always “The Dear Neighbour”, and our way of being before God, must correspond to what we believe to be true about God.  The God is personal, that God is ecstatic and creative Love. It is to this God that we consecrate our lives.  We are caught up, seized by this Great Love and, our mission in life, as Sisters of St. Joseph, is to live into this reality as weak but apt instruments for the salvation and perfection of the world.

The Trinitarian Love within each member overflows to others and soon we are immersed in a participation in the universal mission of the Church founded on Pentecost.

SJL spirituality is the primary expression of our charism mandating us to live the Kingdom values which always move us towards a fuller life for every human person. (Jn 10: 10) Thus SJL charism is a living response of our Founder’s faith relationship with God and it is the lens through which Fr. Medaille saw, understood and interpreted the reality of his time. His integrative experience of God, humans and creation; (Gen 9: 9,10) urges the SJL to promote a ‘contra society’ directed towards the Kingdom of God.


The heart of the SJL charism is Trinitarian Spirituality sustained and nourished by contemplation and concretized in life after the example of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the created Trinity.